Rite in the Rain Trekker Pen


If you carry a notebook in your travels, you probably have some sort of writing utensil to go with it. While a regular old Bic or Ticonderoga will get the job done, there are certainly better options. Anyone who’s used a cheap ballpoint pen knows how unreliable they can be. Not to mention both pencils and pens are sensitive to the surface you’re writing on. Modern tactical pens can be a pretty impressive addition to your kit for many reasons. There are plenty of tactical pens with all kinds of bells and whistles. But ultimately the best outdoor pen has to handle the elements first and foremost.


Because I carry a Rite in the Rain Waterproof Notebook when I’m out and about, you can assume I write in some adverse conditions. Packing a waterproof notebook doesn’t really get the job done if your pen fails as soon as it gets wet. While pencils will suffice, sometimes they just don’t provide the right contrast to the page. Furthermore, they’re prone to degradation from moisture.


To remedy this, I looked for the Trekker Pen to match my notepad. It has a lot of fancy attributes that make it perfect for my needs. It’ll write underwater, upside down, through grease, and within temperatures of -30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The Rite in the Rain notebook already withstands spills, dirt, and mud. However, with this pen I seem to get much more consistent results. Furthermore, it seems to write on almost anything. In order to stay organized, labeling your gear with this pen is a simple task. One of the most important features is the attached key ring. Instead of jerry-rigging attachments or stash spots you can simply clip this to your pack or notebook.



Rite In The Rain All Weather Trekker Pen Black 98

  • Weight: 0.96 ounces
  • Length: 4 inches
  • Ink: writes underwater, upside down, through grease
  • Temperature range: -30-250 degrees Fahrenheit

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