Rite In The Rain Notebook


A small notebook is an item often overlooked by most trekkers. Once started though, carrying one is a difficult habit to break. I always have a small pad and pen stashed in my pack for those “eureka” moments when a golden thought just happens to strike. Because some of the best ideas happen this way and are soon forgotten, it’s good practice to write them down. Storing information for later can have bountiful effects on the trail. Recording important events, ideas, to-do lists, and trail notes to name a few. Jotting down critical information about your trail route or drawing maps can even make or break your trip.

Unfortunately, most small notebooks tend to disintegrate in the back pocket or pack. Casual wear and tear is one thing, but spills and adverse weather can completely destroy your important data forever. For this reason the best outdoor notebook I’ve found is the Rite in the Rain series. If you plan to carry a pad and pen in the wilderness, it had better be waterproof. And these booklets are the best in the business.


Back in 1920, Jerry Darling invented Rite in the Rain waterproof paper for use within the soggy Pacific Northwest logging industry. Since then, they have become the authority in outdoor writing products. These extremely tough notebooks can withstand a serious amount of abuse, and often cost no more than your average indoor pad. If you’re looking for the best outdoor notebook, why choose a lesser product for the same price?


Rite in the Rain notebooks are not only waterproof, but durable too. They can be completely immersed in water with zero negative effects. After being soaked through, both pens and pencils will write perfectly without tearing or smudging the paper. Because the covers are made from polydura, and the pages are both thick and resilient, they will not disintegrate in your pocket. Furthermore, dirt, mud, and liquid spills wash right off without harming your writing.


My only grievance with this product is that pencil writing simply will not erase. Attempts to do so are only moderately successful, as faint traces of the previous contents are impossible to remove. Still, I’ve never had much need to erase what I’ve written in these notebooks and they’re pretty cheap to replace. There are endless varieties of this product, but all of them come with similar nifty features. Small rulers in both Metric & U.S. Customary systems, conversion tables, map scales, and classification prompts just add to the already sky-high value. Combine one of these notebooks with a tactical pen and carrying case for additional accessories and you’re ready for anything.


Rite in the Rain Spiral Notebook, Universal, 4-5/8 x 7 in

  • Dimensions: 4.625 X 7 inches
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Pages: 32 sheets; 64 pages
  • Paper finish: matte

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