Oros – NASA Inspired Performance Apparel

From Space Suit to Winter Coat

Oros Apparel claims to have developed the thinnest, warmest clothing on Earth. How? by using the same material NASA insulates their space shuttles and suits with. Aerogel was developed by NASA for this exact purpose, and in fact boasts the lowest thermal conductivity of any substance known to man. In other words, it’s literally the best insulating material every created or discovered. However, the first composites while extremely lightweight were also very brittle. That is, until the advent of polymer-enhanced Aerogels came around. What was once extremely fragile is now extremely strong.

Now, engineers at Oros have developed and patented a flexible, breathable, hydrophobic, four-way stretch fabric Aerogel for use in civilian clothing. What once required heavy, bulky synthetic or down can now be accomplished with three millimeters of Aerogel fabric.

It will be interesting to see how these jackets stand up to real world abuse. Also, if Oros decides to branch out towards outdoor gear like underblankets and sleeping bags. For now, check them out for yourself. The video below shows an Oros developer being blasted by liquid nitrogen at -321 degrees Fahrenheit.

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