Maxpedition Tactical Can Case

Maxpedition Gear Tactical Can Case, Khaki


Modular packs and pouches allow the user to completely customize their kit organization and capacity. Externally mounted pouches can add extra room when pack space is limited. Also, allow for quick and convenient access to important or regularly used items. Gathering similar gear into a smaller, separate containers allows one to sort categorically for maximum efficiency. Some pack systems are dedicated entirely to this system, but most come with plenty of attachment points to accommodate modular accessories. Smaller pouches allow for highly specialized organization for usually hard to reach items.


On the smaller end of modular accessory size, the Maxpedition Tactical Can Case is surprisingly useful. Those who use dip, or chewing tobacco, will be happy to find out that the Can Case fits two tins of dip. However, that wasn’t the reason we were so excited about it. For an accessory of this size, the options are truly endless for the sort of kit you can fit in here. For small gear sets that are accessed regularly, this is the perfect solution.


For Tenkara fishermen, the Can Case will snugly fit a line spool and fly can. Traditional fly fishers may also squeeze a reel and a couple flies. It’s about the ideal size for a compact fire kit, with plenty of room for specialized tinders. You may also pack it with a filter, shemagh, chemical tablets, and a squeeze pouch for an easily accessible water treatment pouch. Wind up a roll of cordage within it to easily unspool it straight from your pack. Depending on how clean and trim you like to be in the bush, fill it with hygiene items as a backcountry dopp kit. Your imagination is really the only limit here.



Maxpedition Gear Tactical Can Case, Khaki

  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Material: 1000-denier water/abrasion resistant nylon cordura
  • Treatment: teflon and triple polyurethane

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