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Kindle Paperwhite Review Reading on the trail is an important activity for many outdoor travelers. Whether it be strictly recreational, survival and plant guides, or trail maps; books certainly have their place in the backcountry. Unfortunately, printed books are bulky and sometimes heavy. Carrying multiple is usually out of the question for obvious reasons, which … Continue reading Kindle Paperwhite Review | Ultimate Outdoor & Survival Resource


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Most travelers do not realize the utility of data storage on a trek through the wilderness. While it may not seem like a must-have piece of kit to add to your pack weight; just think about the weight gained compared to utility added. You may store emergency medical, contact, and personal information in the event of a catastrophe. Do you enjoy digital media while lounging in your hammock? I’m sure your tablet doesn’t have all the space in the world. eBook enthusiasts, while already carrying a massive library on their device, may never run out of content to read. Personally, I’ve always been disappointed that I couldn’t carry more comics. Depending on your portable music player, carrying a USB flash drive may enable you to bring your entire music library with you.


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