Les Stroud’s Wetterlings Bushman Axe

Survivorman Les Stroud wanted to create an axe that could do just about anything in the backcountry. The result was the Bushman. Read to learn more.


Estwing Hatchet

Sportsman’s Axe Overview Few products inspire the nostalgia of a forged Estwing striking tool. Proudly produced on American soil since 1932, it’s not uncommon to hear a construction worker tell you a few stories of that old Estwing hammer that’s been on his tool belt for 20 years. Often times, it was his father’s before … Continue reading Estwing Hatchet


Gransfors Bruks Forest Axes

Overview The rhythmic pounding of hammer and steel has been echoing from the village of Gränsfors for over 100 years. This small forge nestled in northern Hälsingland, Sweden churns out some of the finest working tools in the world; all with only about 30 employees. In order to reach this level of quality, all Gränsfors … Continue reading Gransfors Bruks Forest Axes


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