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Arguably the best time to go hammock camping is during warm weather. Yet the bane of 3 season camping is often relentless biting insects, which traditional hammocks offer no protection against. In order to pack a backpacking hammock or camping hammock during bug season you’ll need a net. Aftermarket bug nets are often fragile, cumbersome, and frustrating to set up. This is why I chose the ENO JungleNest Hammock for its built in bug net.

ENO Camping Hammocks

ENO is well known and reputable for producing some of the finest hammocks available. They’re often used by festival-goers for their simple and durable design. Produced with nylon ripstop parachute fabric, these backpacking hammocks are both lightweight and abrasion resistant. After nearly three years, I’ve accidentally put one small hole in mine with the pommel crusher of the Helle Utvaer. Other than that, it’s passed all durability tests with flying colors. The no-see-um mosquito mesh is fragile, as any bug net will be. However, it is top of the line and as durable as bug mesh can be.

ENO JungleNest Backpacking Hammock – Features

The ENO JungleNest is about the same size as a singlenest, which is more than enough room to sleep spaciously. When pitched correctly, the lay is fantastic. There are no stitches or seams to itch and bother, as the JungleNest is all one panel. It comes provided with a ridgeline cord pre-tied with two prussik knots for attaching the bug net. The bug net attachment lines are shock cord, and can conveniently be adjusted from inside the net. The shock cord helps eliminate stress on the bug net while the hammock is loaded. However the attachments themselves are sewn into the body of the hammock for additional reinforcement.

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Pack size for the JungleNest is slightly larger than other ENO hammocks. Nevertheless, it still fits in the palm of your hand when compressed. Still, it doesn’t weigh much more than comparable hammocks, and offers considerable weight savings over aftermarket bug nets. The net itself performs admirably, but I would advise the use of an underquilt or padding to block insects from biting through the underside. I’ve clocked several weeks of rest in this hammock. Both hanging in my house and in the bush. I can tell you that even without bugs, the net adds structure to the hammock lay and prevents blocks condensation. The one piece structure and lightweight fabric provide a comfortable lay with minimal sag over time.


Eagles Nest Outfitters – JungleNest Hammock, Grey

camping hammock
  • Weight: 27 ounces
  • Dimensions: 112 x 57 inches
  • Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Materials: 210 denier nylon taffeta ripstop parachute fabric

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