Covert Threads Military Boot Socks

Military Boot Socks

There are a great many things the United States Marine Core has mastered. One of them is socks and underwear. I first discovered these socks a couple years back while on base at Camp Lejune, North Carolina. If you haven’t already heard, Military boot socks are perfect for use in the backcountry. Despite three years of hard use, these socks remain my most comfortable, most durable, highest performing socks to date. If you’re looking to keep your feet both warm and dry without sweating through your boots, this is what you want. There is no better sock for hard-use, multi-climate situations. Of course they are a little on the pricier side, but hey, you get what you pay for.


I can assure you that every cold day of winter, every time I put my boots on, and every time my brother goes overseas, these are on our feet. In fact, Covert Threads has received an official military commendation from the United States Marine Corps.

Covert Threads – Materials

Developed by military personnel for use within specific climate ranges, Covert Threads has developed arguably the best military boot sock. Perhaps, even the best boot sock overall. If you’re in the military or serious about hiking, backpacking, bushcraft, or hunting; I strongly recommend you take a look at these socks.



This all natural super fabric is legendary among outdoorsmen for good reason. Its many characteristics provide the perfect combination of pros and cons in the bush. Naturally absorbent, wicking material pulls sweat, oil, and moisture from saturated areas and disperses it. This helps to prevent odor, but also eliminate soggy sweat laden clothing. Wool fabric also has tiny crimps, or bends, creating millions of insulating air pockets. This enables wool to keep you warm even when wet, or trap the cooling effects of sweating in the heat. For this reason wool is often ideal for cold temperatures, where wet clothing can be a death sentence.


Lycra, or Spandex is a synthetic fiber known for its elasticity. Stronger and more durable than rubber, Lycra can return to its original shape after extreme stretching. Its commonly used in athletic clothing for its comfortable, for fitting feel. This allows fabric to move, stretch, and be manipulated in synergy with the body. It also dries faster than traditional fabrics.

X-Static Silver

X-Static Silver is a powerful technology that applies the naturally antimicrobial properties of silver to conventional fabric. X-Static fibers are created by bonding pure silver their surface. This allows the fabric to remain odor free for several wear cycles in between washing. Despite being coated entirely in silver, X-Static fibers are soft, flexible, and comfortable to the touch.


Coolmax fabric utilizes the power of capillary action to draw moisture away from saturated areas to be dispersed and evaporated over a larger surface area. Often used in athletic outdoor clothing like climbing gear, Coolmax also improves resistance to fading, shrinking, and wrinkling. As a polyester fiber it also increases the general durability of a garment beyond the ability of conventional materials.


Synthetic acrylic fibers are used in clothing for their similarity to wool. Acrylic fabric is both durable and insulating yet can be machine washed unlike most wool products. It is also inexpensive compared to wool, but does not have the same wicking abilities.


Nylon fabric is widely used in outdoor products. Specifically heavy duty applications. It is known for extreme water and abrasion resistance, as well as a high strength to weight ratio.


Hot Weather

. covert-threads-sand_stock_01
  • Lycra: 5%
  • Nano Silver: 2.5%
  • Coolmax: 19%
  • Acrylic: 19%
  • Nylon: 12.5%
  • Cotton: 42%

For hot weather climates, I would recommend Covert Threads Sand Military Boot Socks This breathable, insulating, form-fitting matrix combined with the anti-microbial properties of nano-silver can’t be beaten. You’ll also be glad for the extra cushioning the thickness provides.

Cold Weather

. covert-threads-ice_stock_01
  • Wool: 35%
  • Lycra: 3%
  • Nano Silver: 3%
  • Acrylic: 48%
  • Nylon: 12%

For use in cold temperatures especially below zero I encourage the use of Covert Threads Ice Military Boot Socks, these are some of the most high tech and versatile socks on the market.

Temperate Weather

. covert-threads-rock_stock_01
  • Lycra: 5%
  • Nano Silver: 2.5%
  • Coolmax: 19%
  • Acrylic: 19%
  • Nylon: 12.5%
  • Cotton: 42%

In temperate climates I usually wear Covert Threads Rock Infiltrator Socks, these are woven slightly thicker and more robust for greater insulation.

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