Carhartt Watch Hat

Best Outdoor Winter Hat

As seasons change and temperatures start to drop, your kit starts to change too. One of the first things I start to add is are layers, especially for the head. Because we lose so much heat through our heads, a good insulating hat becomes pretty important on the trail. And because cotton kills, I always opt for something thick and insulating especially when wet. Often the first place I start to feel cold are my ears. Thus, a hat that covers them well is a life saver. Beanies or knitted caps are a perfect solution for this, and that’s what I usually wear.

My favorite, and potentially the best outdoor winter hat is the Carhartt Watch Hat. While many choose wool hats to cover their noggin, this hat is acrylic. Acrylic is a synthetic fiber with similar insulating properties to wool. It’s more durable and much less difficult to maintain than wool. Because hats tend to come on and off, stashed away, or left laying around; I chose something a little more resilient. Wool hats require much more intensive care in the washing process. For something that absorbs so much sweat and bodily oil it’s should ideally be easily cleaned. That being said, acrylic hats don’t share the wicking properties of wool and are not as breathable. However, I do find them less itchy and more comfortable to wear.

The Watch Hat seems to accept whatever position or style you wear it in. I like that I can fold it up or down in order to adjust coverage, and it easily protects the ears from chilling winter winds. Consistent with other Carhartt products it’s pretty bomb proof. It also comes in an endless variety of colors. While wool hats can get pretty expensive, these are pretty cheap. Inexpensive is probably a better word than cheap, because these hats aren’t junk. Because they’re so inexpensive I have a couple of them and I’m not afraid to lose or ruin them. As far as knitted caps go, the Watch Hat is the best value available.

Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch Hat,Black,One Size


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