Carhartt Insulated Leather Gloves

Best Insulated Outdoor Work Gloves

Because our extremities are so vulnerable when the temperature starts to drop, it’s vital to protect them. Sturdy work gloves are an essential piece of kit for practicing bushcraft. When the weather starts to turn, it’s wise to pack a pair with a little more heft to them. Finding a work glove that combines protection, durability, dexterity and insulation is an interesting challenge. So far, I’ve found the best insulated outdoor work gloves to be the Carhartt Men’s Insulated Grain Leather Work Glove. Carhartt carries a strong reputation for producing rugged, high quality work wear. Visit any construction site in the colder months, and you’ll see a bunch of khaki-clad men walking around in Carhartt coats and coveralls. Any glove chosen by men who work with their hands all day, has got to translate well to the bush.


I’ve worn these gloves on the jobsite and in the bush and don’t believe there to be a better option. They’re warm, comfortable, and durable. Unlike most heavy gloves I don’t find them getting in the way of performing delicate tasks. There are more expensive options, but when it comes to gloves, I tend to take the “semi-disposable” approach. I don’t care how much you spend on your work gloves, they’re going to wear out eventually. The “buy it for life” mentality simply just doesn’t apply here. That being said, there are no cheaper gloves in this category worth buying… in my humble opinion of course.


Carhartt Men’s Insulated Grain Leather Work Glove with Safety Cuff, Brown, Large

  • Outer material: leather and polyester
  • Inner material (insulation): Thinsulate

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