Oros – NASA Inspired Performance Apparel

Oros Apparel claims to have developed the thinnest, warmest clothing on Earth by using Aerogel, the substance of lowest thermal conductivity known to man.


Covert Threads Military Boot Socks

Military Boot Socks There are a great many things the United States Marine Core has mastered. One of them is socks and underwear. I first discovered these socks a couple years back while on base at Camp Lejune, North Carolina. If you haven’t already heard, Military boot socks are perfect for use in the backcountry. … Continue reading Covert Threads Military Boot Socks


Belleville TR101 Minimalist Boot

Overview Anyone who’s spent a significant amount of time outdoor knows the importance of a good pair of boots. Military personnel know it best. Combat or military style boots are probably my favorite style of boot to wear, and for good reason. Combat boots are designed to be lightweight, breathable, durable, weatherproof, etc. etc. etc.. … Continue reading Belleville TR101 Minimalist Boot


Carhartt Watch Hat

Best Outdoor Winter Hat As seasons change and temperatures start to drop, your kit starts to change too. One of the first things I start to add is are layers, especially for the head. Because we lose so much heat through our heads, a good insulating hat becomes pretty important on the trail. And because … Continue reading Carhartt Watch Hat


Carhartt Insulated Leather Gloves

Best Insulated Outdoor Work Gloves Because our extremities are so vulnerable when the temperature starts to drop, it’s vital to protect them. Sturdy work gloves are an essential piece of kit for practicing bushcraft. When the weather starts to turn, it’s wise to pack a pair with a little more heft to them. Finding a … Continue reading Carhartt Insulated Leather Gloves


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